Businesses We've Backed.

College Canine

A dog is a human's best friend. College Canine is here to take care of them when you can't be. With our professional walkers, your pets will feel at home.

The Fairfield Programming Association

We believe that education should be free and readily accessible. Through the FPA, we offer free, interactive courses that teach college-level courses.

Georgetown University Student Dictionary

Do you have a word on the tip of your tongue but just don't know what it is? Our free and public dictionary is here to solve that, all while staying free forever.

Disruptive News

The most important tech-related news straight from the nations capital in short and informational articles, direct to your inbox.


An all-in-one content management solution for college newspapers, ReRoto generates thousands of dollars each month for Disruptive Tech.

Hoya Space

An experimental social media platform for Georgetown University, the Hoya Space platform ran for three semesters before being retired in early 2024.

Georgetown Radio

In our collaboration with Georgetown Radio, Disruptive Tech regularly manages the online experiences and technology behind each production.