What is GDT?

Better than asking "what is GDT?", you should ask, "who is GDT?"— we are where innovation meets a nothing-can-stop-us attitude. We come from diverse backgrounds and places, different economic situations, and views on the world. These views make us different, and these views make us stronger.

And more than anything, we want to give back to the community. Our motto is "lie down forever, lie down" and we embody that each day in the work we do for humanity.

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Our innovation started with Georgetown but has expanded since.

Officially speaking, Disruptive Tech got its start in 2017 when it became a club under the Student Advisory Council. But, its roots can be traced back much further into Georgetown's past with organizations like Mu Alpha Alpha Phi Omega and the Society of the 59th Minute.

Our history continues to this day but remains an important part of who we are as an organization. We value the traditions and lessons that our past has taught us but continue to move forward each day.

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