Our History

Over 7 Years in the Making.

There were sparks of innovation before us.

Established in 1965 with a vision for excellence, Georgetown's computer science program evolved into a hub of creativity and cutting-edge exploration. From its early days of laying the foundations of computational theory to today's forefront of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, the department has been a driving force in shaping the digital landscape.

This served as the foundation of Disruptive Tech as we were driven by the school's constant drive for perfection and innovation.

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We officially got our start in 2017.

Founded on the idea that every Georgetown Student needs a computer science education, Disruptive Tech became the first tech club on campus. Our membership quickly grew and by 2022, our quinquennial, we had well over 150 registered members.

During this time, we focused on providing workshops to help students apply to computer science jobs.

We Moved to the Business School.

In fall of 2023, our ambitions grew too big for the college club board. So, we began to search for different options that matched our ambitions as a student organization. The best option came quick, when Patricia Grant graciously welcomed Disruptive Tech into the Robert E. McDonough School of Business.

With this move into the Business School, Disruptive Tech began focusing more on computer science education through business practice.

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